Q. What is a web printer?

A web printing company such as NEWSPRESS produces its products on presses that use rolls of paper versus cut sheets used on sheet fed presses. These rolls are "webbed" through the press and collected and cut in the folding unit at the end in one continuous process. The advantage is speed and in many cases, the elimination of a finishing step. Web printing becomes more and more economical as the length of run increases. The word "web" in this case has nothing to do with the internet.

Q. What is the difference between Heatset and Coldset (non-Heatset) Printing?

First of all, NEWSPRESS can provide both types of printing to its customers. Heatset printing is a process whereby once the ink is applied to the paper it next runs through a dryer then chill rollers in order to cure or "set" the ink. Once this is done the inks are immediately totally dry on the paper. This process eliminates all offsetting and marking one might expect when running cold. The heatset printing process is always necessary when slick stocks like coated or supercalendered grades of paper are used. The coldset process uses absorption and air to dry the inks and is usually suited well for newsprint type grades like standard newsprint, 35# groundwood hi-brights or 50# offset. NEWSPRESS uses semi-heatset inks for our 4 color web leads and the page 1 plate of all of our publications. This ink will dry to the touch in 30 minutes and prevent that 'black fingers' effect. Still, this is a coldset process and not applicable for slick stocks.

Q. How will my job be monitored at NEWSPRESS?

Every customer at NEWSPRESS is assigned a printing professional-Customer Service Representative (CSR) to monitor your job every step of the way. Repeat customers are assigned to the same CSR in order to help establish long-term partnerships and promote effective communication.

Q. Can NEWSPRESS help me with a sheetfed cover that will be used with my web printed text?

Yes. We have partnered with several local sheetfed printers that can produce quality covers. In addition, NEWSPRESS will totally coordinate this part of the process so that the signatures and the covers are set up so that both are "bindery compatible".

Q. Does NEWSPRESS have a minimum quantity on press runs?

Yes. There are a couple of questions to ask. If the job is heatset, we usually require a minimum press run of 150,000. If the job is coldset, we can run as few as 1,000, but depending on the page count 2,000 copies may cost the same. In web printing the economy basically comes in the volume. For example, 1,000 4-page tabs might cost $300.00, but the next 1,000 copies only an additional $20.00.

Q. When one refers to cutoff, what do they mean?

Cutoff refers to the repeating distance around the press plate, blanket, folding and cutting cylinders which dictate the left to right dimension on a tabloid or the top to bottom dimension on a broadsheet. The cutting cylinder in the folders creates that slightly serrated edge you may have noticed on web jobs. NEWSPRESS offers two cutoffs - 21" and 22.75". The 21" presses we have are all high-speed presses. The 22.75" cutoff presses are slower and used primarily for publications that need the 11-3/8" width for standard sized tabloids, for 8-3/8" x 10-3/8" booklet signatures, and for press runs under 250,000.

Q. What is NEWSPRESS' maximum quantity?

10,000,000 copies.

Q. What basic formats can NEWSPRESS produce?

Tabloids, broadsheets, digests, flexies, half-tabs, stitched booklets with self-cover or sheet fed cover, stitched tabloids.